Monday, April 15, 2013

Our New Journey!!

Sorry for the vague post on friday. There is only so much I can talk about before Conference Calls/Contracts. I am currently waiting for my caseworker to email me the day and time for the call.

So the first time we were matched, it was 11 days from the time our paperwork got to our agency to the Conference Call. This time, it was ten days! Since my bmi is under 35 but over 30, my caseworker is limited to whom she can send our profile to. It all depends on the IVF Clinic the IP’s go through. I have been busting my ass with the weight loss and can’t wait to get started!

When I first saw the email, I got super excited when I read the names. I thought to myself “OMG, I am going to be a Surrogate for Two Daddies!!” Well, when I opened the profile, I realized that the names fooled me. Haha! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore these IP’s already! I feel a sense of calmness with them, something that I didn’t really feel with the last IP’s. They are more laid back and seem like a lot of fun! It helps that one of them speak English! Dave and I had thought a lot about if we were going to be open for International Couples or just United States. We both felt that everyone deserved to have a family and a lot of other countries don’t approve of Surrogacy and some are even illegal.

I feel more excited this time around too. I think that because I have been through the beginning stages recently, I know what to expect and can put myself out there a little more. This couple is ready to move forward, like now! So what does that mean, you ask? Well, let me tell ya! If you are new, here is how it will all work…

Conference Call – We will ask each other question’s, get a feel for each other and decide whether or not we want to go forward. We will also find out when they plan on coming out for the Egg Retrieval and Embryo Transfer! After we find out that date, we will find out when I should be starting my meds!

Psych Evaluation & Medical – I will have to fly back out to L.A. and do my Psych Evaluation. I am not sure if I will have to do another Medical Evaluation, since I did one on November 30th. The only reason I might have to do another one is if it’s because I had lost all of the weight. They will also tell me what meds I will be taking and how to administer them. But I will find out more on that soon.

Contracts – Our Lawyers will write up the contract and both parties will sign. This is when it really gets official!!

Start Meds – I will be starting Birth Control Pills, Progesterone & Lupron. They will either be Injections or Suppositories.  I will have to be on these meds for about a month before the transfer and up to 12 weeks pregnant.

Embryo Transfer – I will fly down to L.A. for the transfer and stay there for a few days. I will more than likely be by myself since Dave is starting a new job and won’t be able to take the time off. So we will more than likely have to hire a babysitter. 

So now we wait....

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