Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

I take my first ever Lupron Shot Tomorrow!!!!

My friend is going to come over and video/take pics of me giving my first ever injection!

When I told Dave that I was really excited for Friday to get here, he said "Why on earth are you excited to give yourself shots?" It's not really the fact that I am excited about giving myself shots, Its about the journey that is officially starting tomorrow!!! The bigger needles are a little scarier, but nothing too bad :)

My IP's and I emailed back and forth this morning and I found out when they are going to be in LA. I also found out when we will be meeting Face to Face!! We are going to meet the day I fly to LA, which I am so freaking excited about!! It is going to be so nice to finally meet them in person and actually talk to them and give them a big hug :)

In exactly one month, I will be packing for my Transfer Trip to LA!!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ready to Cycle!!!

This is a big week!!! Well, the past 2 weeks have been big!

On Thursday, I received my Calendar! This tells me when I take my meds and what days to take them!

I also received my Meds on Saturday!!! Dave and I went through the box and I immediately got butterflies in my stomach!! I will be on the following medications:

Progesterone in Oil
Progesterone Vaginal Inserts (gag!)

I will also have antibiotics, steroids and muscle relaxers.

So this is a group picture of my Miracle Meds!!

I honestly forgot how huge those needles are.. Yikes!

This is where my EV2 and PIO Shots are going.. Not fun!

Friday, June 28th I will start my Lupron Injections!! I can't believe it's finally here!! My IP's are ecstatic also! My Calendar looks a little like this:

06-28 Start Lupron 1mg (20 units)

07-04 Take Last BCP

07-08 Expect Mensies

07-09 Labs (Estradiol & Progesterone Levels)

07-10 Start Estradiol Valerate (Delestrogen) 2mg IM

07-10 Decrease Lupron to 0.5mg (10units)

07-15 Labs (Estradiol Level)

07-16 Possible increase in dose of Estradiol Valerate

07-21 Labs & Ultrasound

07-22 Possible Last dose of Lupron

07-23 Possible Progesterone Start

07-28 Arrive in Los Angeles

07-28 Possible EMBRYO TRANSFER!!!!

Both my IP's and myself are so ready to get the SHOW ON THE ROAD!!! Here is hoping these next few weeks go by super fast!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Moving Along...

Our laptop is still not fixed.. Grrr!

We finally got our Contract on thursday!! Dave and I read it a few times and do not see anything that needs to be changed. It's a great feeling when you know that both you and your IP's are basically on the same page and want the same thing. So hopefully the contract signing will go smoothly and fast!

I have my Consultation with the Lawyer on Wednesday to go over everything. I'm so glad things are moving along nicely. I am just sad that we won't be able to do a June transfer like they wanted. We are shooting for a early July transfer now.

I have about 10 days left of my first BCP pack and need to call my nurse to get a refill along with some more prenatals :) Hopefully my meds & calendar will arrive soon after contracts!!

Hope everyone is having a blessed monday & rest of your week!!

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