Friday, November 30, 2012

Good News/Bad News....

Well, yesterday was a very, very long day.. Flying to LA and back was tiring enough.

The plane ride there was very uneventful. A quick one hour flight. When I got to LA I was driven to CFP for my Medical Evaluation. When I got there, I had to fill out paperwork and then get my blood drawn and give a urine sample. One of the girls from my agency met me there and stayed with me for the whole appt. We then went in and talked to the dr and went over all of the medical questions..

When we got into the exam room, I had to have a pap and then she did the Sono/Ultrasound. The whole procedure was pretty fast but I did cramp up during and a little after. My Uterus looks great and my ovaries look good too! After all of that, I get dressed and go do my height and weight... This is where it gets a little depressing.

I need to lose some poundage..

29 pounds to be at the max BMI for this IVF clinic..

So where do we go from here?! I was told that things will be on hold until I get the weight off. The Owner of my Agency will talk to the IP's and see if they want to wait for me to lose the weight or move on. I am praying that they wait. The transfer will possibly be in February  so I have about 1 1/2 months to lose the weight and be ready for meds. I am confident that I can lose this weight. I am just hoping that my IP's see that I am working on my weight and want to work with them. I will know their decision next week. {praying for good news}

So after that, we went to lunch and I soon found out that my Psych was cancelled and put on hold too. So I got dropped of at the airport 3 1/2 hours before my flight and just prayed that time would pass by quickly so that I could be home with my family. I'm not gonna lie, there were quite a few tears shed last night. I waited until I got home to break down. I just felt so defeated and mad at myself.

So starting today, I have better meal plans and exercise routines ready. I am going to prove to myself and everyone else that I can do this! I had no idea that I had gained that much in such a short time. Time to rev up my metabolism, lose the weight and try to grow a few inches too!

Love & Prayers...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Medical and Psych Evals!!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!!!

It felt like this day would never come! So, I am flying to L.A. tomorrow to do my Medical Evaluation and possibly my Psych Eval. {trying to get everything into one trip} I am so anxious and excited for everything to move along!!!

I just want to say that my Caseworker is absolutely Amazing and I am so glad she is here with me every step of the way! She just gave birth and is still answering all of my emails/texts and calls! I am also thankful for my husband and my dad! My dad is going to watch all three kids for us while I am gone and D works. I am so lucky to have such supportive people in my life!

So here is what I should be doing tomorrow:

My Medical Evaluation will include: 

Medical History
Pregnancy History
Blood work
Sonohysterogram - Ultrasound of the uterus.
Explain all of the meds and process
Give me a lab slip for D to do his blood work..

Psych Evaluation will include:

MMPI-2 (or PAI) Test - roughly 340 T/F questions. None of them are right or wrong because it is a personality test.
Talk about why I chose Surrogacy.
Misc Questions.
3-4 hours for everything.

After all of this is done, we will move onto the Contracts in early December!

Love & Prayers,


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Conference Call!

So first off, we had our Conference Call yesterday and it went great! The IP's and I got a lot of questions answered and we are really excited about this journey!

Since the couple would like their privacy, I will refer to them as either IM, IF & IP  and will not be posting any photos of them <3 I can't express how excited and anxious for my IP's! We can't wait to meet them in person! They seem so caring and loving!

During the call, we discussed what they expected out of me and what they would like me to do during the pregnancy. These are just things they would Like me to take into Consideration:

No Alcohol & Coffee - Easy Peasy!
Add Seafood to my Diet - Again, I love love love seafood! {As long as Dr. Approves}
Read More during my downtime - They would like me to be calm and happy for the baby. Not a problem! I love to read!
Their voices on a disc for the baby - They are going to record their voices and I will play it against my tummy every night for the baby <3
Stay away from anything Toxic/Dangerous - Not good for the baby. Obvi!
Try not to come in contact with animals - They would like it if I didn't come in contact with animals, mainly Cats. {Dogs are okay as long as I wash my hands}
Stay away from Cold Creams - They would like it if I steered clear of Cold Milk/Ice Creams. It can cause the baby to have Colic/Tummy Issues.
No Nail Polish/Minimal Makeup/No Hair Dye - No problem! I hardly ever paint my nails & wear makeup once or twice a week.. {Its okay if I wear Organic Nail Polish and my Caseworker said that its okay to wear makeup.}

So all of these are completely doable!

I have been reading on Chinese Traditions/Superstitions for Pregnancy and want to avoid as much as I can for them. I really love learning about them and their country!

I will be flying out to la at the end of this month for my Psych Eval. They are planning on flying out during Chinese New Year for the IVF. Which means I could be pregnant as early as February!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Chosen Ones!!

What a whirlwind day we had yesterday!

I got an email from the Founder/Director of my Agency yesterday saying that she was in town and wanted me to join her and a few other Surro's that are in the area for lunch! Of course I said yes! It was really nice to meet other Surro's that are in different stages of their journey's! I had learned so much and cant wait for these next few months to pass!

Also in the email, There is an International Couple that wants to work with us! They liked our profile and feel that we are a great match! I was completely shocked!! I couldn't believe that this was all happening so fast! We weren't supposed to get their profile until this morning, but my amazing caseworker sent it last night along with some beautiful pictures!!

After D and I looked at the pictures and their profile, we knew in our hearts that we wanted to work with them no questions asked! My heart felt a sense of calmness and love. They seem like an amazing couple and I can't wait to help them with their dream of having a baby/babies!

Today we have a Conference Call with them, along with caseworkers and others, I think a total of 6 people on one phone call :) 

If everything goes correctly, I will be flying to southern california at the end of the month for my Psych Eval and other testing! 

Loves & Prayers!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I got a pretty fantastic email yesterday from my agency!

The IVF Dr Pre-Approved my medical records and me! So now we just wait for someone to choose our profile :)

There is a couple in our area but their IVF Dr only works with women with a bmi of 30 or below. Mine is at a 32 and the IVF Dr that Pre-Approved me, works with women up to a 35 bmi :) I am working on my weight and have been going to the gym, eating healthy and I started going to bikram yoga {hot yoga} :)

Praying we get a phone call soon!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Just a Quickie...

My Medical Records were finally faxed over to the Agency and then faxed over to the IVF Dr.. So now we are just waiting on an approval to move forward :) My profile is being shown to PIP's and I can't wait until the day we get that phone call!!

It seems like it is all moving so fast, but then again, it seems like its taking forever. I am so anxious to start this new journey!