Monday, November 12, 2012

The Chosen Ones!!

What a whirlwind day we had yesterday!

I got an email from the Founder/Director of my Agency yesterday saying that she was in town and wanted me to join her and a few other Surro's that are in the area for lunch! Of course I said yes! It was really nice to meet other Surro's that are in different stages of their journey's! I had learned so much and cant wait for these next few months to pass!

Also in the email, There is an International Couple that wants to work with us! They liked our profile and feel that we are a great match! I was completely shocked!! I couldn't believe that this was all happening so fast! We weren't supposed to get their profile until this morning, but my amazing caseworker sent it last night along with some beautiful pictures!!

After D and I looked at the pictures and their profile, we knew in our hearts that we wanted to work with them no questions asked! My heart felt a sense of calmness and love. They seem like an amazing couple and I can't wait to help them with their dream of having a baby/babies!

Today we have a Conference Call with them, along with caseworkers and others, I think a total of 6 people on one phone call :) 

If everything goes correctly, I will be flying to southern california at the end of the month for my Psych Eval and other testing! 

Loves & Prayers!

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