Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Conference Call!

So first off, we had our Conference Call yesterday and it went great! The IP's and I got a lot of questions answered and we are really excited about this journey!

Since the couple would like their privacy, I will refer to them as either IM, IF & IP  and will not be posting any photos of them <3 I can't express how excited and anxious for my IP's! We can't wait to meet them in person! They seem so caring and loving!

During the call, we discussed what they expected out of me and what they would like me to do during the pregnancy. These are just things they would Like me to take into Consideration:

No Alcohol & Coffee - Easy Peasy!
Add Seafood to my Diet - Again, I love love love seafood! {As long as Dr. Approves}
Read More during my downtime - They would like me to be calm and happy for the baby. Not a problem! I love to read!
Their voices on a disc for the baby - They are going to record their voices and I will play it against my tummy every night for the baby <3
Stay away from anything Toxic/Dangerous - Not good for the baby. Obvi!
Try not to come in contact with animals - They would like it if I didn't come in contact with animals, mainly Cats. {Dogs are okay as long as I wash my hands}
Stay away from Cold Creams - They would like it if I steered clear of Cold Milk/Ice Creams. It can cause the baby to have Colic/Tummy Issues.
No Nail Polish/Minimal Makeup/No Hair Dye - No problem! I hardly ever paint my nails & wear makeup once or twice a week.. {Its okay if I wear Organic Nail Polish and my Caseworker said that its okay to wear makeup.}

So all of these are completely doable!

I have been reading on Chinese Traditions/Superstitions for Pregnancy and want to avoid as much as I can for them. I really love learning about them and their country!

I will be flying out to la at the end of this month for my Psych Eval. They are planning on flying out during Chinese New Year for the IVF. Which means I could be pregnant as early as February!!!

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  1. They are lucky to have found you. Most of the requirements would be non-issues for me, but I crave ice water like crazy when I'm pregnant.