Thursday, March 28, 2013

You've got Questions, I've got Answers!

I got some great questions from people! Here they are! If you would like to ask any questions, please just shoot me an email!

Why did you want to become a Surrogate?

Since before having children of my own, I knew that I wanted to become a surrogate. Just being able to give a couple such a selfless gift is a beautiful thing. Everyone deserves to have a family.

What does your family think about this?

This is a tough one. Everyone is accepting except my Inlaws. My uncle doesn't really approve of it, but supports me. My father is okay as long as my health and mindset is okay. My friends are ecstatic and love watching this journey play out.

What has been the most stressful part?

Waiting.. I have had to lose weight and be told that my IP's were going to start looking for a new Surro. Everything happens for a reason and since I have lost majority of that weight, I am hoping that we are matched back up with our original IP's.

What has been the most rewarding part?

Being chosen. Having someone pick YOU out of a bunch of profiles just takes your breath away. They are trusting you with such a big responsibility!

Where are you at in your journey?

I recently had my weight check and I am now waiting to hear back from the IVF Dr and my Agency.

What have you learned so far?

Being Patient. Like I said earlier, Everything happens for a reason.

How did you pick your agency?

I went onto google and typed in Surrogacy Agencies in California. I clicked on 3-4 of them and applied. The 3rd agency I applied to, called me within 2-3 hours. The lady I talked to is now my caseworker and I completely love my agency!

How long did it take to become matched?

I applied Sept 24th, Agency received my paper work on Oct 23rd and was matched on Nov 11th. So a little less than 2 months from applying to matching. It went really fast!

Were you nervous about the matching process?

Not really. I was more anxious about the couples looking at our profile :)

Did you want a M/F couple, M/M couple or F/F couple?

It really didn't matter for us!

Have you talked to your kids about this?

Yes! My oldest two {5 & 4} know what is going on. My youngest, not so much since he is only two.

Do you know anyone personally who has had issues with infertility?


Would you rather have a couple from the U.S or International?

Again, It didn't matter to us! We were open to anything!

How many times would you be a Surrogate?

Depending on how my first journey goes, I would like to be a surrogate twice.

Do you think you are mentally prepared?

I am more than prepared!! D and I have been talking about this for over a year and weighed out our pro's and con's. We are ready!

What would you tell someone who is looking at becoming a Surrogate?

Do your research. Talk with your spouse and weigh out all of the Pros/Cons. Always remind yourself to be patient..

If you would like your questions answered, just shoot me an email!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And now we wait...

Yesterday was my weight check appt.. Overall it went pretty well.. For some reason, my dr's scale is always 2-3lbs more than my scale at home..

After the appt, I copied my paper and emailed it to my case worker. My caseworker then emailed it to my IVF dr.. So I am now waiting on a response of either a Yes, we can move forward or a No, I need to lose more. I have been checking my email religiously all day.. I know that it could take a few days, but I need to know now!!

I have also decided that I will be doing vlogs about my journey and where I am at..

If you have any questions for me, I would love to add them into one of my vlogs!!

Have a great week and I will be back with some good news {hopefully!!}

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Made It!!!

I made it!!!

I finally hit that weight.. I am just waiting for my dr's appt so I can do a weight check to send to my caseworker. I can't believe its finally here.

So the plan goes as followed:

- Get weight check at drs and then send it to my caseworker.

- Caseworker sends my weight check to the IVF dr. She will check it and will let my caseworker know what to do next.

- If approved, we will either go back with our original IP's and finish where we left off OR we will have to look for new IP's. It all depends if our original IP's still want to work with us.

- I will then have to fly down to L.A. to do my Psych Eval and Medical Eval {again}. They will show me how to give myself meds and let me know which meds I will be on.

- Start Contracts and find out when the Transfer will happen.

- Start giving myself shots and then fly down to L.A. for the Embryo Transfer...

- Get a B.F.P!!!

So there ya go Ladies & Gents! I am beyond excited to be back on track!

Will post more when I have new and exciting info!!! I just want to say a big Thank You to all of the friends, family and strangers that have prayed for us!! It means so much!