Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

I take my first ever Lupron Shot Tomorrow!!!!

My friend is going to come over and video/take pics of me giving my first ever injection!

When I told Dave that I was really excited for Friday to get here, he said "Why on earth are you excited to give yourself shots?" It's not really the fact that I am excited about giving myself shots, Its about the journey that is officially starting tomorrow!!! The bigger needles are a little scarier, but nothing too bad :)

My IP's and I emailed back and forth this morning and I found out when they are going to be in LA. I also found out when we will be meeting Face to Face!! We are going to meet the day I fly to LA, which I am so freaking excited about!! It is going to be so nice to finally meet them in person and actually talk to them and give them a big hug :)

In exactly one month, I will be packing for my Transfer Trip to LA!!

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