Thursday, July 4, 2013

One Medication Done!

I took my Last BCP!!! 35 BCP's during this journey! Since I took my last one today, I should be starting my menses soon. The day it starts, I need to call my nurse and let her know. I am so glad to be done with these! BCP's make me gain weight like crazy, so good riddance!

So I have been on Lupron for one week! First off, I feel like I am in a sauna at all times. I have some serious hot flashes.

On my first day, I was pretty nervous and had Dave take pictures {none of them turned out good}. After everything was all done, I started getting a small reaction and kinda freaked out. I texted my CW and she said that it is completely normal and should go away in about an hour... She was right ;) I still have the bruise from the first shot too..

Now I have no problem doing them. It's like clockwork. I have my alarm set for 7:45a and it gives me a few minutes to clean up and get everything ready. I am supposed to take the Lupron at the same time every day. So since I did my first shot at 8a, I will have to do them at or very close to that time.

I have my first monitoring appt on Tuesday the 9th! They are going to check my Estradiol & Progesterone Levels. On Wednesday the 10th I will start my Delestrogen Shots. These ones, I am really nervous about! This medication is really thick, thicker than the PIO that I have. I am just glad that I only have to take these every 3 days. The needles are pretty scary too...

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July!! Stay safe!

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