Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Results and Exciting News!!!

First off, lets get through my last three labs results :)

Week One:
Progesterone - 0.7
Estradiol - 15

Week Two:
Estradiol - 97

Week Three:
Estradiol - 392
Uterine Lining - 12.8 w/ Triple Stripe!

So everything on my end looks great and my uterus is ready for a baby! Today was hopefully my last day of Lupron! So I should be starting my PIO and Inserts tomorrow!!

Big News...

Our Transfer has been bumped up!! S the schedule is as planned, unless anything changes: My IM has her Egg Retrieval on Thursday, so please send positive vibes her way! I was told that we will be doing a 3 Day Transfer, which means that I will be leaving on SATURDAY!! That also means that the Embryo Transfer will be on SUNDAY!!!!!

You have absolutely no idea how excited I am! I will also be meeting my IP's face to face on Saturday or Sunday!! I got my IM a special something for our journey.. Pretend like you didn't read that last sentence, IM ;)

So there is the exciting news!! I leave for LA in FOUR Days!!!

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