Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moving along & 2 Days!!

I can't believe I leave for LA in TWO days!!!

Yesterday was my very last Lupron Injection!!! I am so glad to be done with those. They were small, but I bruised easily with them.

This morning I started my PIO Injections and my Progesterone Inserts... Holy Cow, my butt is sore! It was also a Double Shot Day.. Bleh!

I will start packing probably this evening or tomorrow!! I am beyond excited to meet my IP's face to face on saturday evening! I will be flying out saturday late afternoon. It seems so crazy that everything is already here :)

**Please send positive vibes to my IM <3 Today is her Egg Retrieval Day!

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  1. Waiting to hear how meeting your IPs went! IF bought me my last margarita the night before transfer. :-D