Thursday, April 18, 2013

Conference Call!!

This morning I had our Conference Call with my new IP's!!

First off, let me say that they are amazing! I absolutely adore them already! They seem so genuine and can not wait to have a family! Once we all started talking, the nerves went away and everything went really well. I was so nervous before the call, I barely slept. Our call was at 6:30am pst and 9:30pm their time...

We were all on the phone together for about 30-45 minutes. {Me, My Caseworker, IF, IM & Their Translator} I asked questions, they asked questions. They want to try for a June Transfer, which would mean that I would start my meds in May. Once I get my Psych Eval done and both mine and Dave's blood work done, I believe we will be starting contracts!!

When we were talking and asking questions, I told them that I have a Surrogacy blog and that I will be updating it as things move along. I also told them that I will not display their names or put pictures of them up on here. They were pretty excited about this. They said that it will help them connect with me and the pregnancy more. This made me so happy! When I logged in to write this post, I checked the audience and there were some hits from where they are! This made my heart swell :)

We talked about multiples and if they would like to be in the room when I deliver. They were very grateful when I told them that it was up to them if they wanted to be in the room. It will be their baby/babies and they deserve to be in that room!

So for now our check list consists of this :

- Complete my Psychological Evaluation.
- Complete Mine and Dave's Blood Work.

Thank you for all of your sweet comments and prayers!!

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  1. Yay, Hope all goes well for you this time :-)

  2. Yippee!! So happy for all involved :) - Jeanie