Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Me, Nervous?

Why yes, yes I am...

Things have been racing through my head since Friday when we got the new IP Profile. Will they back out? - Will they not like us after the conference call? - Will we not like them? I know that this is all normal, but I can’t help but think about these things.

Wanna know what else I am nervous about?!? Those damn Progesterone & Lupron Shots. It’s not that I am scared of needles, because I’m not. I just don’t think I could build up the courage to stick myself with a massive needle, at least two times a day.

{Video via YouTube}

This is where my nurse friends come in handy! I have already told them that I plan on having them give me my shots. At least the one that goes in my behind ;) To be completely honest, I think it’s all of the YouTube videos that I have been watching that are freaking me out. I just need to stop watching them!!

Once I get that bfp, I will have to keep taking one of the shots until I hit 12 weeks. The bruises and knots will be worth the look on my IP’s faces when they are holding their baby in their arms for the first time! 

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