Friday, May 3, 2013

I am Sane!

Yesterday Dave and I hauled ass drove safely to San Francisco to meet with our Psychologist and take my PAI Test! Traffic was a complete mess but thank god for the carpool lanes! I may have use the carpool lane in the bay area when it was 3+, but time was of the essence and we needed to get to our appt on time! We were supposed to be at our appt by 10:15. We pulled up to the Valet at 10:00.. Bam!

We got up to the office and let them know that we were there for a 10:30 appt. First off, some of those questions were really weird! I had to go into a little room where the receptionist put a laptop in front of me so I could take the test... Some of the questions were:

- I contemplate Suicide on a daily basis... 
Umm No!

- I don't like getting ads in the mail... 
Umm Yes! I freaking hate ads cluttering up my mail box!

- I often feel like a Loner... 
Uh Nope! I'm a social butterfly and love all of my friends! 

- My favorite Poet is Leonard Whatsoever.. 
Umm Who?!

After my testing, I went back out into the waiting room with Dave. A few minutes later we were called back to talk to our Psychiatrist. She was really nice and made us feel comfortable. Se asked both Dave and I questions about our decision to proceed with our Surrogacy Journey and some more private questions.

After all of that, she let me know that I had PASSED the PAI Test and that I am Not Crazy! hahaha

So the Psych Eval is checked off our To Do List!!!

Still To Do:

- LA for my Re-Evaluation with Dr. R
- Contracts!
- Schedule Transfer!!!!!

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