Sunday, August 11, 2013

Surro Babe: Week 4

I can't believe that we am currently FOUR Weeks Pregnant :) I will now start my weekly stats for my IP's! Since they can't be here for the pregnancy, This is a great way for them to stay connected to their Miracle!

Today is: August 11th

How far along: 4 weeks {due April 20, 2014}

Total weight gain: None.

Baby is the size of: A Poppy Seed!

What is going on with this Baby: This week marks the beginning of the embryonic period. From now until 10 weeks, all of your baby's organs will begin to develop and some will even begin to function. As a result, this is the time when she'll be most vulnerable to anything that might interfere with her development.
Right now your baby is an embryo the size of a poppy seed, consisting of two layers: the epiblast and the hypoblast, from which all of her organs and body parts will develop.
The primitive placenta is also made up of two layers at this point. Its cells are tunneling into the lining of your uterus, creating spaces for your blood to flow so that the developed placenta will be able to provide nutrients and oxygen to your growing baby when it starts to function at the end of this week.
Also present now are the amniotic sac, which will house your baby; the amniotic fluid, which will cushion her as she grows; and the yolk sac, which produces your baby's red blood cells and helps deliver nutrients to her until the placenta has developed and is ready to take over this duty.
What is going on with Me: I should be going in for more blood work this week to make sure the numbers are doubling! Then I get to schedule the first ultrasound!

Baby is a: ?? We still have a little ways to go!

Maternity Clothes: No, but they sure do look comfy!

Sleep: I'm up every few hours and I have been tossing and turning..

Movement: None yet!

- Waves of Nausea
- Completely Exhausted
- Very Tender Boobs
- Belly Bloat
- Mood Swings

Food Cravings/Aversions:
- Ginger Ale is my life saver.
- Craving Fruits and Veggies.

Best Moment(s) this past week:
- Telling my IP's that I am pregnant with their Miracle :)
- Finding out our Beta #'s!

I'm looking forward to:
- The first ultrasound!!!
- Finding out how many babies are in my belly!!


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