Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nurse Goodie Bags!

While I was pregnant with Surro Babe, I was thinking of ideas for Nurse Gifts. So I hopped on over to Pinterest and started searching for Nurse Goodie Bags. Oh Em Gee, I found some really cute ideas and couldn't wait to start mine!

I decided to pick things that I would like if I was a nurse. I also asked friends who worked in the hospital field. So, here is what I decided to put in the goodie bags!

Bottle of water
Hand Sanitizer
Luna Bar
Crystal Light Energy Powder Drink
Jolly Ranchers 
Hershey Kisses
Breath Mints
Thank You Card

I purchased the bags (10 for $5) and Thank You Cards at Target. The String, Tags, Stickers, Stamp and Ink were purchased at Joanne’s Craft Store. Assembling them was a breeze and they looked really cute!

I decided to add a few things to my Photographer, Midwife Friend and Case Managers Bags!

{Picture of my Friends Bag}

Bottle of Water
Crystal Light Energy Powder Drink
Lindor Truffles
Jurgens Lotion
Milano Cookies
Hand Sanitizer
EOS Lip Balm
Thank You Card

I made 15 bags to take to the hospital, 3 for my friends, 6 for L&D Nurses and 6 for Postpartum Nurses. I had my husband put them on the counter in my room and let every nurse that came into my room and helped us, could grab a bag! I’m not gonna lie, the nurses that came into my room and were a part of this day were incredible! It could have been from the goodies, but either way, they were so caring and that made our day that much sweeter! My Postpartum Nurses were very grateful also. From what I heard, they always get left out. I wanted to make them feel appreciated too! I wish I would have thought of this when I was pregnant with my own kids!

I purchased the hand sanitizer, mints, gum and tissue in the Travel section of Target. The Luna Bars were 6 packs and were on sale. Milano Cookies were a BOGO! The candy was on sale because of Easter!

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  1. Hello! I've stumbled upon your blog while looking at other surrogacy blogs. I think what you've done is amazing and beautiful. I have a little girl who is almost two and I'm hoping to become a GS for a lucky couple. I did get in contact with an agency last year and even spoke with IPs... but unfortunately it all fell through when my husband refused to give information about his own mental health and told me he wasn't morally comfortable with the whole thing.

    Here I am, about 8 months later, hoping to try again. My husband and I are separated and I'd like to pursue this but I'm a little lost as to what I should do. I'm also without medical insurance right now and I don't know how that would affect the process. I'm able to sign up with insurance through my job in November but that's a long ways away. Any advice you can give would be awesome. Thank you. :) BTW, I'm adding your blog to my list of blogs I read!